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 Erosion Control Mulch  ~ Portland Water District

Silt Fencing and Hay Bale Barriers ~ Portland Water District

Testing Your Soil ~University of Maine Cooperative Extension


Lakes Love Less Lawn ~ Portland Water District

Fertilizer Basics ~ Portland Water District

Stormy Day Survey ~ Portland Water District

Vegetative Phosphorus Buffer Strip  ~ Portland Water District

Rain Barrels ~ Portland Water District

Rain Garden ~ Portland Water District

Dry Wells ~ Portland Water District


Developing a Forest Management Plan ~ Maine Forest Service

Some Things to Consider When Buying Forestland ~ Maine Forest Service

Maine Forest Service Publications ~ Protecting and Enhancing Maine's Forest Resources


Land For Maine's Future Program  ~ Farmland Conservation Program

Maine Farm's For the Future Program ~ Farmer Assistance and Planning

Maine FarmLink ~ Farm Transfer Program

Maine Farmland Trust  ~ Statewide Farmland Preservation

Maine Potato Board ~ Serving Maine's Potato Industry


Why Native Plants? ~Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Gardening to Conserve Maine's Landscape: Plants to Use and Plant to Avoid ~University of Maine Cooperative Extension

 Selecting Plants for Pollinators ~National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Plants: Moist to Wet Soil ~ Portland Water District 

Part Sun Plants: Moist to Wet Soil ~ Portland Water District 

Full Sun Plants: Moist to Wet Soil ~ Portland Water District 

Full Sun Plants: Dry Soil ~ Portland Water District 

Shade Plants: Dry Soil ~ Portland Water District 

Part Sun Plants: Dry Soil ~ Portland Water District 

Furbish Lousewort~ Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry

Vegetative Stream Bank Stabilization ~ Portland Water District 


Lawn Fertilizer Application ~ University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Pruning Woody Landscape Plants ~University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Successfully Transplanting Established Trees ~ University of Tennessee Extension Service

Post Planting Tree Care ~ University of Tennessee Extension Service

 Gravel Road & Trail MAINTENANCE

Construction Best Management Practices (BMPs) ~ Portland Water District

Infiltration Trench ~ Portland Water District

Open Top Culvert ~ Portland Water District

Turnouts ~ Portland Water District

Rubber Razors ~ Portland Water District

Waterbars ~ Portland Water District

Paths & Walkways ~ Portland Water District

Pervious Pathway~ Portland Water District

Permitting~ Portland Water District


All programs and services of the Soil and Water Conservation Districts and the USDA are offered on a nondiscriminatory basis, without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political belief, gender identity, sexual orientation, or marital and familial status.